What is Zippie?


a girl who prefers to go "au natural". Typically these girls have a hippie theme to their look and clothing. This may include unshaved legs, and armpits. The defining characteristic however, is long and typically unwashed hair which leads to a series of pimples or zits on the back. Thus, a zippie.

Ron: Dude, I saw you go home from the club with that hippie chick last night, was she weird.

Jason: oh yeah, but she was actually a zippie. I was popping zits all night!


Justin: Todd, you know zippies aren't welcome in this store!

Todd: Then you better stop carrying those little brown cigarettes! Those little brown cigarettes are like bees and honey when it comes to those zippie chicks!

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a hoody with a zipper down the front. HENCE ZIPPIE.

Hey aaron, you have the coolest zippie i've ever seen and it looks real warm!

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a stoopid retard

a fucked up dude

a humouras way to spell zippo

man, Joe is such a zippie today


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