What is Zipple?


The act of catching one's nipple when zipping up a sweater or shirt. One who engages in zippling is known as a zippler.

When Laura was putting a sweater on her dog, she accidently zippled her. Yelp.

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Acne somewhere on the chest, most often seen on sweaty girls with low tops. A hybrid of the word "zit" and "nipple".

Man, that girl would look great in that tank top if it weren't for all the zipples!

See zit, nipple, zipple, zipples, acne, pus, puss, gross, tits, titties, boobs, boobies, breasts, face, oil


teeny diddy of a weiner

bob has a zipple


A nipple that someone pinches during a play fight - the nipple equivalent of tickling.

"Quick, get his zipple!"

See Christine


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