Z-list Celebrity

What is Z-list Celebrity?


1. An annoying ex-reality tv star that manged to get everywhere on TV

2. Someone who has only starred in one thing in thier misrable acting career and spend the remains of thier pay in beer then do drugs to get noticed or shag a famous person. Often sighted on Celebrity Big Brother because they couldn't pay thier rent and got thrown in for the money and expect fame.

1. 'Hello I'm Jade Goody (Z-list celebrity)from Big Brother 4 and I've made a new diet so give me money to pay for my one room flat'

2. (With drunken exspresion) 'I starred in Doctor who, I was the guy on the left, then I was a police officer in eastenders, do you remember?'

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a person who considers themselves to be a celebrity when they really aren't. they are the stereotypical "one hit wonder" or "nobody" and when referenced people say "who is that?". they usually have lost all of their money and are terribly desperate for attention. a typical z-lister will be on or will host a game show or reality show (such as dancing with the stars, flavor/rock of love type show, celebrity fit club, or a regular show uses "celebrity" twist to get ratings). they like to announce their presence in public places, and will usually call paparazzi with their location in hopes of getting mentioned on TV, internet, or a magazine. the overly obnoxious z-lister will do annoying things and will be really loud in public. Even resorting to talking in the 3rd person to try and jog people's memory with the name. if a z-lister has a fan base, it consists of the most deperate middle-aged/menopausal women who had hopes of being the celebrity girlfriend/wife, but only have a chance with a Z-lister.

what is the list of z-list celebrities on this season's Dancing with the Stars?

Scott Baio is 46 and preganant??? Since when does that Z-list celebrity have a show?

VH1 hires all of the z-list celebrities.

Robert Loggia? Who is that? Is he some sort of z-list celebrity.

annoying things done in public would include

-when asked to spell name, they say each letter individually with an example (D as in don O as in OMG it's don N as in no way that's don)

-speaking loudly in 3rd person

-talking to people that they don't know and mentioning their second shot of fame, also very loudly

-posting news about themselves on a website

-calling paparazzi and paying them to sell his/her story

-making a scene in public to get attention (even if it's negative. attention is attention)

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A Z-List celebrity is usually a childrens tv presenter, reality show contestant or X factor/Pop Idol contestant AFTER doing insert job here.

Dude 1, after switching to I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here: Oh My God. Who the hell is that Z-List Celebrity?! oh yeah....

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