What is Zo?


Short for one of NBA's great Centers out of Georgetown Alonzo Mourning

'Zo was one of the greatest at his position


the nickname given to a girl you can always trust and love even when everything seems shit. you normally know them for a long time and if you do you will feel complete when you're around them, and miss them constantly. you also know that you couldn't live without them.

i love you zo, i couldnt live without you. you mean so much to me.

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SomeOne From hati.

Some one thats in Zo pound.

Whats going on ZO?

Dade got allot of Zo's.

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The act of being under the influence of cannabis.

Often shortened to the affixes "z-" and "-z" to distinguish between doing an activity and doing an activity under the influence.

I'm so zo about about to pazz

Zootball is the shit!

Let's go getz!

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1.KFC is zo

2. breakin' is zo


A greeting or state of astonishment

Zo, that shit was fly yo


another name for a black man, same as negro, spook, or nigger

"look at all those zo's at the chicken coop"

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