Zohall Mercer

What is Zohall Mercer?


Zohall Mercer is a fictional Character based on the Resident Evil video Game universe. Created by fiction writer 'EZB', he was 14 years old, living in an Orphanage inside Raccoon City on the Day Leon Kennedy arrives. He and the New police officer eventually befriend each other and remain so even after Umbrella's demise years later.

He is seen first in EZB's Hellsing War Chronicles, a cross-over with Resident Evil and the Anime Hellsing, he and Leon Kennedy join forces with the Hellsing Organization six years after their first meeting.

Zohall Mercer has many talents that are slowly revealed throughout the story ranging from Humanly unrealistic speeds, incredible swordsmanship, spiritual powers, and other hidden abilities. It is hypothesized that his sword, Gleam, has something to do with these abilities.

"Looks like I found a good way of getting myself killed." Zohall Mercer on employment with Hellsing.

“Let’s find out how good you are at dodging bullets, asshole.” Zohall Mercer, fighting Alucard for the first time.

“I’ll need all that money from this job just for life-long therapy.” Zohall Mercer, furious about being forced to cross-dress.

“I don’t respond well to threats." Zohall Mercer, fighting a sorceress.

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