What is Zoll?


South African word for the Holy Herb.

Don't Bogart that joint.zoll

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The German word for 'customs'. Has achieved minor status as a buzzword and/or replacement for 'lolz' but will soon become the scourge of the internetsunder the direction of Hitler 2.0, who will plant the word into the brains of a new Hitler youthreaching across the world. He will then activate a secret device which turning them all into his own personal baggage handlers. Within three hours Hitler 2.0 will obtain possessions of the entire world's supply of travel scissors. He will be unstoppable.

Unwitting Hitler 2.0 Neophyte: Zoll. May I check your bag, Mom?

Hitler 2.0: Excellent.

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A word basically meaning anything, or a word that you can randomly just blurb out. Used by metalheads.


Totally man, just zoll.

See metal, head, music, jawn, jawnski


a South African word for marijuana. It is a general name for weed, however it does indicate that the quality is normal, or weak.

"Wow, I don't know about you, but this zoll is strong"

See marijuana, weed, mary j, white widow


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