What is Zombied?


The act of making someone look in another direction, so that when they look back at you you have a ridiculous face on with your eyes rolled back and your tongue sticking out, looking like the pervebial zombie. This is done a lot in schools like La Salle and Columbus.

This was made famous by David Guerra (the biggest boss that you have seen thus far).

Dude i just zombied Mr. Isenberg, he was so mad that I was afraid that he would have a heart attack, you know being that he is 105 years old and all.

Get zombied on niggit!

I tried to zombie my bitch of girlfriend and that cunt had the nerve to slap me in the face.

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1. To be incapable of functioning like a normal human being, either due to a lack of sleep or exorbitant consumption of alcohol.

2. To cause one to be weary or dramatically reduce one's physical and mental reaction times.

3. To be bitten, and therefore transformed into a zombie.

1. Man, I'm totally zombied after that party last night.

2. Staying up until five in the morning every day really zombied Laura.

3. Oh no! They just zombied Steve! Run for your lives!

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To walk in a tired-like way. Walking during a hang over. Taking a walk after waking up.

He zombied over to the sink to brush his teeth.

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