What is Zonda?


The Pagani Zonda. Italian supercar, shoe-like in appearance from newly-established marque Pagani.

Pagani Zonda is fast as fuck!

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A mid-engined Italian supercar produced by Modena-based manufacturer Pagani.

Often considered the elite among supercars, even compared to the king of supercar makers, Ferrari, the Zonda is an uncompromising performance machine. The Zonda was designed with the help of five time Formula One champion Juan Manuel Fangio who regrettedly passed away several years into the car's development in 1995.

The Zonda is quite famous for being a constant evolution on an already superb platform. There have been many iterations throughout its production line, including the C12, the C12 S, and the Zonda F, to name a few. With AMGV-12s of varying displacement (depending on model) supplying the thrust, and a carbon fiberintensive design keeping weight low, the Zonda is no slouch. Like many supercars, it excels in the speed bracket well above highway velocities, below which, in true hyper-power fashion, it has trouble maintaining traction (but this is a decidedly milder case than that encountered in many other supercars).

Styled after the Group CLe Mans racecars of lore, the Zonda's general shape is occasionally referred to as "an acquired taste." The same can be said of its interior and its truly radical design.

Several other noteworthy Zonda features include its roof, which is almost entirely composed of glass (except in the roof-less roadster model), it's 'antenna-like' mirrors, and its six speed manual transaxle (which is particularly rare considering the 6 and 7 speed sequential manuals and DSG transmissions that many manufacturers use in their supercars today).

Horacio Pagani was skeptical to use CCB (carbon ceramic brakes) in the Zonda for fear of squealing, which could detract from the driving experience.

The Zonda uses 6.0 liter, 7.0 liter, and 7.3 liter AMG-sourced V-12s.

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Small-volume Italian supercar, with ridiculous styling, plenty of power, amazing handling, and a very high price tag. Comes in four levels of trim for the road-legal versions; the C12 S with 555 hp, the C12 S Roadster, also with 555 hp, the C12 F with 602 hp and improved aerodynamics, and the C12 F Roadster, with 650 hp.

Currently, the C12 F Roaster sits just .7 seconds behind the fastest lap on the Top Gear test track by a road-legal car.

A car that can be vicious, but in an amusing way, like a shark in a funny hat.

James May stepped out of his FIAT Panda and into a Pagani Zonda F Roadster, which is like weaning a baby off of breastmilk straight onto port.

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The coolest OT member evar, he's so cool, people actually let him postwhore and stuff

Zonda, from OT, is the new god of life

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