Zone Of The Enders

What is Zone Of The Enders?


A fantastic series that takes place in the future involving Mecha called Orbital Frames. It takes place in the years 2167 - 2174 which stem from, in this order, the OAV movie Zone of the Enders: Idolo, Zone of the Enders (PS2 game), the anime series, Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i, and lastly Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (Another game for PS2).

Started in March 11th, 2001, the Zone of the Enders series was introduced by Konamiand due to the success of it, it merited the distribution of an anime series and a sequel and even several Model figures.

One proper misconception is that the mechs have penises. This is not true. Below the abdomen, every mech in the series has a cockpit which partrudes away from the center. The cockpit also does not attack. This is a common misconception by ignorant Zoids fans and cannot be forgiven.

<taco_fox> Zone of the Enders rocks rocks, mang 8)

<Nephtis> so true bro. They made a sequel, you know

<taco_fox> sweet is it r2wl?

<Nephtis> ya, a lot better than that crappy Zoids game.

<taco_fox> heh who would compare ZOE to something like Zoids anyway?

<Nephtis> d:-


A criminally overlooked game that sold well only because of the MGS2 demo that came with it. After MGS2 was released in stores, pre-owned shelves were filled with this mecha-masterpiece. Dammit Kojima, STOP BEING SO FUCKING AWESOME.

Paraphrasing Tycho of Penny Arcade: "The Metal Gear Solid demo hits stores on (day), and comes with another game, which I thought was really nice of Konami."

Zone of the Enders is also an anime series that I don't know enough about to comment on.

See zoe, kojima, konami, tycho


The greatest form of mecha media to date. a popular series created by konami that spwned three games (Zone of the Enders, ps2; ZOE:The 2nd Runner, ps2; ZOE: The Fist of Mars, GBA) a movie (ZOE: Idolo), and an anime series (ZOE:Dolores,i) ZOE puts all other mecha games to shame. no other mech gives you the true freedom and fast pace action of the orbital frames. if there is one flaw to ZOE its the shortness of the 2 ps2 games. i for instance have a clear time of 1hr 3min and 30sec on normal with nekkid jehuty (subweapon unequip.) in ZOE2

TheRussianCircus: man, ZOE pwns everything, great music, high paced robot action, awsomeness...that hideo kojima is a genious.

Poohams8000: yea, he better get to work on a ZOE4 after he finishes Metal Gear Solid 3.


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