What is Zonk?


Unofficial army command. Typically used during PT (physical training) formations during extremely shitty weather as a way of dismissing a unit from duty. After the command of “Zonk!!” is given the entire unit runs off screaming and shouting to their barracks rooms or cars.

Man, this morning it was 34 degrees and pissing rain. Thank god First Seargent called a zonk.

1SG : “Company!!”

Platoon SGTs in unison : “Platoon!!”

1SG: “Atten-sion!!.....ZONK!!!!”


- To go to sleep.

- The act of sleeping (zonking).

- Totally cool.

- Vomitting.

- I really need to zonk out.

- That guy is zonking right on your floor.

- That is so zonk.

- That guy is zonking right on your floor.


(military): An unofficial military command of scatter.

(shouted) ZONK!!!

(everyone runs)

First Sergeant looks confused.

When everyone shows up for morning pt muster or formation, the command zonk is called out and everyone runs. Those who are caught by the first sergeant or fail to zonk must do the morning workout. There is no prepatory command (i.e. "Ready, Zonk")

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A game of chance using five dice. You roll all five together, and ones are worth 100, fives are worth 50, triples are worth 100 times their face value, and 5-of-a-kind is worth 1000 times its face value. The object of the game is to accumulate as many points as you can before "zonking out", which means rolling a hand of 0.

Simeon has the highest Zonk record of all my friends; he scored 40,308 in one game.


A gag prize or worthless item (Origin from "Let's Make a Deal")

The contestant gave away $1500 for the curtain. She ended up getting zonked.


to place your hands into the prayer position, then thrusting them up an unsuspecting person's anus.

i'm totally gonna zonk j-bot 62

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to use the nose guard in Super Tecmo Bowl to immediately sack the quarterback upon snapping the ball. Only allowed to be accomplished once every four downs.

Great move, zonking the quarterback on that play. I just lost 3 yards.

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