Zoo Keeper

What is Zoo Keeper?


1.A man that macks on dat monkey

2.A man that chirps at dem bitches

Duuuuuuuuu, fam, you such a zoo keeper, when you funna throw dat monkey a banana?!

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The person who runs a zoo house. This person is responsible for supplying the animals of the zoo house. The zoo keeper, will usually sell crackcocaine, and provide a place to smoke it.

They call me the zoo keeper. All the animals, predators, and prowlers; what ever you call em; I tame em. What ever you do in your life; don't fool around with crack, cause you will see the zoo keeper.

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the act of gathering various pets or animals and placing them in your bed while you bang your girlfriend -> may result in various scratches all over your body

charicter one: - i pulled a zoo keeper last night

friend: - really? how was it?

charicter 1: - it was going well untill my girlfriend found out it was the dog licking her and not me

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