Zoo York

What is Zoo York?


A skate company originally made up of taggers from New York.

I got a new Zoo York board yesterday.


skate clothing company based in new york

i cant believe this wasnt in here before

See yogurt_fog


Nickname for New York City, used to describe its warped, corrupt, violent, anaimalistic, Babel-like multicultural and souless condition.

I read that six people were murdered in New York last night. What do you expect, that's Zoo York.

I had to go to Zoo York on business, I'm glad to be home.

See new york, insult, city, multicultural, violence


another name for new york city and the boroughs it contains. a reference to how hectic it can get

Q:yo son wherdya cop that ill cap ?

A:some dolla store in crooklyn, zoo york kid.


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