Zoomie Zoomie

What is Zoomie Zoomie?


A drinking gameinvolving a group of people (preferrably in a circle, or other circular shape) who clap in unison and chant the song, "fuck me, everybody let's play zoomie zoomie.. zoomie zoomaay, zoomie zoomaay, zoomie zoomaay, zoomie zoomaay". Everyone is given a number, from one to however many players there are. Once the last "zoomie zoomaay" is sung, Player 1, in time with the clapping, chants, for example, "one one, four four!". Still in time with the music, Player 4 must recognize that his/her number had been called, and do the same. Ex: "four four, nine nine!". Player 9 would go next, and so forth. The first person to mess up has to drink, and the game starts again with the song.

Warning: advised to play in only in secluded areas, as the singing/chanting of "zoomie zoomie" will become quite loud.

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same as above, only when the loser drinks you sing "well he sucks and he fucks and he knows that he loves it so drink motherfucker drink motherfucker drink motherfucker drink!

zoomie zoomie

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