What is Zoonty?


Zoonty Zune + Tee


interjection plural: greeting.

1. A greeting you can use to address one of your pals.

2. A greeting you can use to answer the phone.

Acceptable uses for Zoonty interjection:

-(phone rings, you answer): "Zoonty?"


noun slang: vulgar.

1. An indecent, perverse person, place, situation or thing.

2. A stupid douche bag faggot.

3. The High School kid who takes the toilet paper he just whipped

his ass with and runs down the hallway, smearing it on the lockers.

He is a Zoonty.

Acceptable uses for Zoonty noun:

-"I think President elect Barak Obama will bring much needed change!"

Response: "I think you, and President elect Barak Obama are both Zoonties."


verb static object: descriptive/situational.

1. To epically fail.

2. To get owned at something you think you are good at.

3. To get completely fucked in a situation that was very, very unexpected.

4. To rip ass in a bitches face when she is doming you up. You just Zoontied

in a bitches face.

Acceptable uses for Zoonty verb:

-Your roommate catches you with a belt around your neck in the shower and gagging yourself with a sock while whacking off to Manga porn. You just got Zoontied.


adjective syntax: profane.

1. When you have/get something (such as the shit's, the munchies, herpes).

2. A substitute for any other vulgar curse word in the English language.

Acceptable uses for Zoonty adjective:

-You get sloppy drunk, pick up some "cougar" at the bar (who you later find out is a tranny), have anal with her/him; "it", get crabs (otherwise known as Zoonties), drive home on the wrong side of the road, get pulled over and get a DWZ (Driving While Zoontied).

-"I think President elect Barak Obama will bring much needed change!"

-Response: "I think you, and President elect Barak Obama zoonty's."

See zoonty, shit


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