What is Zork?


One of the greatest text-based adventure series of all time. Infocom's most successful brainchild with incarnations still being made even today.

>You are standing in an open field west of a white house.


See Matt


An extremely good-looking guy. Funny. Hilarious, even. Can be found at your local Mexican restaurant sipping strawberry margaritas with a giggling blonde girl.

Dude, check out that zork with that barbie!

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similar to narf



Trinidadian slang for stoned/high.

OHHHHH Lard afi ave mercy pon ee sole, man straight zork fi so!!!

See Z


Zork, a monster that has a huge wang that can shoot out fireballs and drools out white stuff.4kids will probably edit out the penis and replace it with boxers.

4kids Producers: " HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT A PENIS?!! Let's edit it out and put a bikni or boxers on it yes? ( >^( O_O)

See gir


For a pearson to physicaly suck a fart out of ones (animal or human) ass hole using nothing but your mouth.

damn that zork tasted like pure shit.

See fart, rip ass, queef, shat, air


A folder in some high schools class

Save it to folder ZORK

See randy


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