What is Zotz?


A complete and utter dickwad who frequents TheStreetNetwork. He's a bastard Canadian, who angers and annoys the emo 'community?' with his nasty views on My Chemical Romance.

He's rude, arrogant, nasty, and foul mouthed.

We love him.

Zotz: the reason why emo kids cut

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Zotz is also the Mayan word for "vampire"

"oh no! the Zotz destroyed our whole village and drank the women and babies blood! what are we to do now?"

i don't speak fluent Mayan, now do i?

. . .


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A hard candy that is rarely found anymore. It consisted of a hard shell similar to a lollipop but the inside was filled with some sort of chemical material...i think the same kind of material used to make model volcanoes explode in science proects in Jr. High. Anyway, the end result was that once bitten into, the child experienced a serious fizzing sensation and appeared to be rabid for a few seconds. I believe that along with Pop Rocks, there were many urban myths regarding deaths cause by swallowing these while drinking a Coke.

Typical Halloween scenario from the 70's.

What did you get?

I got a Marathon Bar! What did you get?

I got some Zotz! What did you get?

I got a rock.


a term used in expression of amazement.

Zotz! Did you see that guy juggle the four microwaves?

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