What is Zu?


A Zu is a pearl of Tunisian descent found particularly in the never regions of Walwal. A flawless entity of immaculate design radiant in spirit, eternal In heart, and soft in booty.

It is said that the holder of the “Zu” is like a lounging lioness: although enchanting, with captivating eyes, subtle wit, and seemingly demure in manner, Beware!!!…… her majesty bites!

a)A token of affection….Said mainly in moments of "cuteness"


You’re a zu and you belong in the zoo:

Translates as: Your 1 in a million and your so rare you should b put on the endangered species list so you can be conserved in a safe place like the zoo.

b) Ur such a Zu!

Ur so clueless…. It hurts…. But I still luv ya!

See crazy hair, blue eyes


The coolest guy ever. One time he killed a bunch of japanese guys on Iwo Jima with his mind. Sadly it was in 1987.

Zu is so cool!

Hey guys, Zu killed my wife!


suffix one adds to the end of an American sentence so that it becomes intelligible to Koreans. Suffix that makes any English word Korean.

Certain words require that it be shortened to u. Ring becomes Ringu, Treat becomes Treatzu

Gregu like-u cocku


Turtle Headzu


She asked me to go back-doorzu

See shark


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