What is Zug?


The world's only comedy site.

I soiled myself laughing at Zug's website.


a short, stocky, hairy man with a tiny penis

one with a small cock

"Garcia is such a zug, i mean that thing is incredibly small" said Kevin

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An erotic video involving a steam locomotive at full speed.

Zug review.

See Wordup


Use to replace any word in a sentence,

Ex "what the zug was that?" or "omzuginggod that hurt!"

See lol, doots, omgz, lawl


A word used to describe a person that is a drain on society because they have don't pay their bills, have bad credit, or on goverment assistance such as food stamps, wic, unemployment, welfare, etc. Be them black, white, asian, mexican, etc.

Also can be called a "Deadbeat Zug"

Pronounced like jug but with a z.

What a zug. He is mad we are repossessing his car, yet he won't pay his bills.


German word that means "platoon".

Wohin bist der zug fuhrer? (Where is the platoon leader?)


1. A warning sound you make if there is approaching traffic of some kind.

2. A sound you make to describe in an impact.

3. A word used in association with sneef when describing fast driving.

1. Zug! Watch out!

2. La la la, la Tesco, Zug!

3. Sneef slow down! What you trying to do!? Zug!


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