What is Zutara?


The pairing of Zuko and Katara on Nickelodeon's hit kid's program Avatar:The Last Airbender. Merits the largest fanbase in all of A:TLA shipping communities. Shippers of this particular pairing formulate arguments/discussions through the subtle forshadowing, parallels, and hints that occur in the show. Is currently, for the most part, a fanon ship, but Season Two's finale is hinting towards honest development of these two character's relationship.

(This entry will be edited as the series progresses)

Interferes with: Kataang, Maiko, Karu, Jettara, Zujin, Soko.

Unaffected Ships: Tophaang, Teoph, Kohla, Maang, Taang, Ty Lokka/Tykka, Tokka, Yuokka, Sukka,Sokkai, SokklaSmellershot, Azulet, Zhaozula, Jiroh, Azulang, LoRohLi, etc.

"Dayum, that Zutara sure is popular!"

" 'In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself.' - Uncle Iroh "

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A ship from Avatar: The Last Airbender supporting the relationship between Zuko and Katara. Currently the most popular ship in the entire fandom(including the canonship Kataang).

Zutara is so much better then Kataang!

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There is legend of a legendary ship that was so legendary it was awesome! This ship was so awesome that enemy shippers were blinded by its awesomness. Blessed by St. Jun, Prophet Iroh, and Tophgod, this epic battle ship rules the universe with its lulz, pronz, and fanon. Behold the epic ship that is ZUTARA!!

Zutara PWNS Kataang!

Zuko + Katara = Teh Ultimate Smex

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The popular pairing, or "shipping", between 2 characters in an anime-style Nickelodeon show called "Avatar: the Last Airbender." Consists of Katara, a female water bender from the South Pole and Zuko, a male fire bender from the Fire Nation. This "shipping" is often hinted among the series, but also considered very unlikely because they are opposites (fire and water, blue and red... etc.). However, this concept is also used to explain the shipping, because 'opposites attract'. The common theory of Ying-Yang also applies to this universal pairing.

Zutara is so canon now!

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