What is Zwan?


A god-like band that happens to include Billy Corgan but that, unlike the bald taskmasker's previous band, is not built around his image. Other than Billy Corgan's unmistakable voice they have a unique sound, but it can best be likened to a more mature Pumpkins completely exorcised of whining and with more guitars (if that were possible). The Pumpkins were a great band, but it's time to move on already! Corgan says as much in his interviews.

Zwan's first album, Mary Star of the Sea, will likely turn off metalhead kiddies but fans of fresh rock music will welcome it. Standout tracks include the invigorating opener, "Lyric", the lament "Of a Broken Heart" and the readio-friendly single "Honestly".

Zwan rock, give them a listen.

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