What is Zwateeter?


v: putting your cellular phone into your open left palm and taking your fisted right hand and smacking it into the underside of your left palm, causing the cell phone to bounce up

adj: (only can mean good things when used within a group of three friends) kick ass, shit-awesome, hell yeah (faggot, retard, self-absorbed slut who cares about her boob size and no one but herself.)

noun: awesome word made up by shaylyn, molly and jacob while playing scrabble at a coffee house.

v: Let's zwateeter hardcore!

adj: (good)That red bike is so zwateeter man!

(bad) That girl is such a zwateeter!

noun: Shaylyn, Jacob and Molly are so zwateeter for thinking of the word zwateeter!

See slut, awesome, hardcore, retard, coffee


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