What is Zwtf?


The term 'zwtf' is used when an inflationary use of the term wtf characterizes one's language use in chatrooms and/or emails resulting in a devaluation of the original wtf.

When it then comes to situations which seem really wtf you need to find a term stating the actual urgency and significance of the 'wtf-situation'.

For such cases the letter 'Z' puts much more emphasis on your exclamation of wtf.

Dude1: Hey there is another 'kill the kitten game' on newgrounds!

Dude2: WTF?

Dude1: And I learned in school that Hitler was a bad guy.

Dude2: WTF?

Dude1: ...

Dude1: Your mom just killed Chuck Norris and Mr. T simultaneously.

Dude2: ZWTF?

See wtf, zwtf, what, the, fuck


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