A Badunkadunk Butt

What is A Badunkadunk Butt?


Someone in possession of a large posterior. Also known as "junk in the trunk."

Hey, did you see Becky's huge badunkadunk butt? It looks like she has balloons stuck to her ass!




The greater than averaged sized booty of a female when in motion. The booty makes 2 moves. 1st, badunk(up) and 2nd,adunk(down).

Damn, did you see the booty on that one..it was like....badunkadunk!


any chick with a HUGE butt, sticks out, bubble butt, round and plump butt

Stephanie has a badunkadunk butt for a white girl.


A person with a large butt, or some one who has "junk in the trunk" usually refers to black or hisppanic girls.

Girl you got a badunkadunk butt


a butt where the two halves move intwo directions at the same time, the left will go up while the right goes down. when they cross they form a badunkadunk

Matt was walking behind the girl to see if she had a badunkadunk butt. then he prematurly ejaculated all over his whitey tighties.

See big booty, glutius maximus, boustrophedon, bene


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