A Cursive Memory

What is A Cursive Memory?


A fah-mazing band with the band members: Dillan Wheeler (drums), Colin Baylen (vocals and guitar), Mark Borst-Smith (bass and vocals), and Shaun Profeta (vocals and guitar).

Nicole: yo! A Cursive Memory is the SHIZZ!

Melissa: yeah for realz! and all four of them are flippin HOT!

Nicole: fo sho fo sho

Melissa: too bad they never come to south florida pshh

Nicole: yeah and northern california psh

Both: RESPECK *snap*

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a very nice band from the beach, california. They have an indie/alternative vibe. You most likley know them from their music video "everything."

colin-guitar/vocals :)

mark-bass/keyboards :)

shaun-guitar/vocals :)

dillan-drums :)

"Hey, I got tickets for the a cursive memory concert."


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