A Dime

What is A Dime?


A very beautiful and flawless woman.

"She's a dime!"


an amount of weed sold by ten dollars

yo son gimme a dime kid


Dropping "a dime", refers to turning someone in for a crime. "A dime" being what it used to cost to make a phone call on a pay phone.

Joe dropped "a dime" on John for robbing the liquor store.


Refers to a beautiful girl who is a "10" on a scale.

Dime = 10 cents

If she fine, if Shawty is a dime....Shawty you a 10

See hot, beautiful, perfection, butterfly, ugly


A dime can also mean being incarcerated

for a period of ten years!!!!!!!!

Both of my homies got a dime a piece for robbing a liquor store, and also fleeing from the heat!


A "dime," being worth ten cents, is a reference to the 1979 movie "10" with Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.

Calling someone a dime is saying they're a "10," or perfect.

She's a dime


A unit worth 10 cents in the United State currency system.

"Here is a dime for your trouble"

"What the hell do I do with a dime"


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