A Gangsta

What is A Gangsta?


a gangsta is usually someone who has money but made it illegaly and if they don't have money they are trying to make it illeagly but not everyone who extorts, steals, sells drugs, guns, or women is a gangsta some gangstas do work or own businesses in order to launder money a gangsta will hurt or kill you about money mainly, and generally doesn't start trouble, that's a thug, but a gangsta will finish something you start and come out on top a gangsta will also get money out of women, not nessicerly pimp a women, but get money for support or protection which that always doesn't include women, a gangsta knows how to extort usually a gangsta will always have a gun near or on him they usually have an arrest record it just comes along with the life style a gangsta has gangsta brothers and sisters who will hurt you if a situation is out of their control most gangstas are in prison some are reformed others are dead a gangsta is a gladiator who can over come any obstacle with their mind, body, or soul there is an intiation in order to become a gangsta after close watch of a persons behavior, intended to secure discrete, make sure your not a narc, afraid, and that you can stand on your own, everyone can't be a gangsta, race or nationality has nothing to do with it generally, you can be born a gangsta if your father is a high enough rank amongst the organzation

a gangsta can be someone smaller than you but can out think you or someone bigger than you and can hurt you

See gangsta, gunslinger, gladiator, mac, convict


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