What is Abbie?


abbie is a pretty bubbly girl who is up for fun ;) .....

well lyked and always has a gd tym , this normaly long blonded hair girl has a huge grin on her face .....

why not love an abbie ... xoxo

' adam i think im in love with that abbie'

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Abbie is hott. she is a skinny nice girl who get what she wants! all the guys want Abbie. people are mean to her because thay want to be her. abbie is attracted to tall guys that play basketball and can play an instrument. most of the time this guy is a family friend. abbie has a strong faith for god and doesnt care what people think. Some people think abbie is a overacheiver . abbie is not afraid to be herself and always fits in abbie can be bubbly at times but people deal with it cuz she is so gorgeouse we all love abbie <3

damn abbie ia hottt

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Something that you put on the end of your penis to increase the chances of pregnancy.

It looks like a hollowed out watsit, and crumbles if sex is too violent.

Honey, we will have to start using the abbie, or we'll never have that baby.

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The largest cup size of drink you can get. Particularly from subway. The term is taking from the NCIS charachter Abbie who is almost always seen with a Extra Large Cup of Kaf-Pow

Mc 1: Hey wanna grab an abbie?

Mc 2: Deal!

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aint' abbie just a liar?

lies lies lies!

doesn't even have a dog.

abbie loves grant(L)

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