What is Abominal?


A married women who tends to feel insecure so she goes out and returns covered in seaman. So much seaman that she is barely identifiable and leads you to believing your wife is an Abominal. Otherwise a Snow women.

Her: "Honey i am going to a costume party tonite". Him: "Okay, but where is your costume"? Her: " I am not wearing one". Him: "Okay have a great time". 5 hours later.

Her: "Honey I am home". Him: "Wow great costume, but I thought you werent wearing one". Her: " Well after a while I felt out of place so I decided to get creative. I call this the "ABOMINAL", I had 19 young fellas cover me in their SPERM.

See abominal, sperm bucket, gluten, cheater, estranged


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