Ack Mah Jiggy

What is Ack Mah Jiggy?


The entity of evil in halo 3. Feared by most people who are unfortunate enough to come in contact with him. If your lucky enough to have him on your team stand back and watch the blood fest. If your fighting him your already dead. Every 2 out 10 times someone sends him a friend request they get the red rings of death. He is able to perform crazy, impossible, and inexplicable feats without hacking. believed by some to be: Chuck Noris, Bill Gates, the super devil, or Chuck Noris possessed by the super devil.

pimpquake94: wtf omg dude Ack mah jiggy just sniped me with a freaking energy sword!

Isaik:how the hell.... wtf!

pimpquake94: what happened how'd you die just now

Isaik: i was by the vent where you can see the ramp to the sword room. i had camo and my back was in the corner. all of a sudden i see Ack mah jiggy walking towards me from the exact opposite part of the map...

pimpquake94: then what?

Isaik: he faded as if he just grabbed camo then i died and it said he assassinated me

pimpquake94: woah dude...

See halo 3, chuck norris, halo, wtf, huh


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