Ad Council

What is Ad Council?


A non-profit quasi gov't agency who makes propaganda campaigns for everything politically correct.

"I am Mr. Kwame from the leading minority college fund and we need assistance starting a ad campaign. Will you healp us?" "Sure, we can make some good campaigns."

few days later:

"I am Mr. Johnson from the non-profit euro-american college fund and we need assistance setting up a ad campaign. Will you help us?" "Sorry, but we can't since your organization is politically incorrect and racist!"

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Perhaps the single greatest inducement toward Gen-X drug use. Ad Council's often condescending and histrionic tone, matched with a transparent agenda, led invariably to mockery by the very audience it sought to reach. Shame that Ad Council will forever be linked with frying eggs and Nancy Reagan's glassy-eyed pronouncements, but it's their own damn fault.

"It was you, Dad! I learned it from YOU!"


A group of incompetent, corrupt old crones who still base their anti-drug and sex-ed advertisements on research data from the 1950s. Also relates to the "successful" War on Drugs. So far, none of the advertisements have done anything to lessen the increase in drug use, teenage pregnancies, and murders.

"Marijuanna is an evil, deadly tool of Satan which kills people if they even get close to it".

-Brought to you by the Ad Council.



A propagandamachine that could work in the interests of the people, but often does not.

The Ad Council's public service announcement was a failure.

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The American Ad Council produces advertising materials across all media to promote values beneficial to the American public, or some such ridiculousness. Failed crusades include the war on drugs, the war on smoking, the war on teen pregnancy, and, more recently, the war on being fat. Ad Council commercials tend to be smarmy, overbearing, and idiotic.

"I'm not a chicken; you're a turkey!"

"This is your brain on heroin. This is your LIFE! Your family!! Your dog..."

You may remember these television commercials, brought to you by the Ad Council.

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Very (fucking) annoying add that appears on the top of your screen while using slangdefine

"Friends don't let friends drive drunk!"

"I'll smack you!"

"Stupid Idiot!"

"Shut Up!"

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