What is Adhd?


ADHD stands for attention deficit somethingk. Hey! I spelled something wrong. Haha. Hey look a squirrel. Wait, what am I doing here again? Omigawd my elbow itches. Wonder what's on tv? I like Jennifer Lopez. I hate kumquats. I really love urbandictionar.....where was I again?

Hey! I don't have ADH...*loses interest, chases after a bird*


Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Most commonly found in children, the main symptoms of this disorder is a lack of attention and too much activity or excessive daydreaming. Ritalin is the drug of choice to treat ADHD.

Most of my classmates have ADHD. Teachers are always frustrated.


Scientifically known as AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), there are three types:

1)The predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type

2)The predominantly inattentive type

3)The combined type

The term ADD is a term that has circulated the media which has the same meaning, but generally applies only to the predominatly inattentive type.

The proven causes of AD/HD are low glucose levels in the brain and genetic factors (inheritance via a family member).

The most effective treatments of AD/HD are medications such as Adderall and Ritalin. Diet changes may also help, but cannot be guaranteed (changing diet to fish oils and fatty acids).

Finally, AD/HD is a legitamate disorder and to say otherwise is complete and utter bullshit, not to mention an opinion supported by backward old farts who still spank their children.

If you are consistently restless and/or have trouble paying attention in class on a regular basis, chances are you have AD/HD!


A very real disorder that often faces a lot of skepticism. This is largely due to the fact it is a very overprescribed and misdiagnosed illness, even more so then SSRI's for depression.

The most widely believed neurological cause of adhd is a problem with dopamine(catecholamine responsible for pleasure eward system) over efficiency in the transport of dopamine leads to the reuptake before it's full effects are gained.

Dopamine is also vitally important when it comes to motivation and what we can derive pleasure from. eg. normal person can do activity A for hours adhd person being identical to the normal person but having the overactive reuptake loses interest and the ability to persevere with activity A much much faster.

This dopamine problem becomes especially problematic when it comes to the frontal lobes leading to problems with attention, memory and problem solving.

Stimulant based drugs such as ritalin(methylphenidate) adderall(l-amphetamine, d-amphetamine), dexedrine(d-amphetamine), desoxyn(d-methamphetamine) all work by inhibiting the dopamine reuptake and by releasing dopamine, this works by fixing a lot of the dopamine related problems theorised to be the cause of adhd.

This ridiculous overprescribing needs to be stopped though, testing needs to be improved because at the moment it just gets handed out like candy. Just because billy is lazy and doesn't like doing his homework does not mean he should be slapped on prescription speed for the next 10 years of his schooling.

Multi - billion - dollar - pharmaceutical - company : "BLAR BUY MY PILLS"

Generic soccermum : "I need an excuse for the incompetence of my son who really doesn't have adhd, little do I know this is just something else my child doesn't need, oh look an ad for depression you know i was feeling kind of sad the otherday when a family member died I think i need a 12 month prescription to paxil or zoloft"

Multi - billion - dollar - pharmaceutical - company : "NNNnnmmmm dollarmoney"

*multi - billion - dollar - pharmaceutical - company resembling an overweight t-rex eats truckloads of money*

Generic soccermum : "My son has adhd and i have severe depression I can't handle life"

*boom suicide*

'warning paxil may increase suicidal tendancies'

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.. Over diagnosed Learning disability. For those that really are ADHD it sucks. The people that are "normal" take adderall,ritalin etc to study for tests while we have to take it every fucking day just so we can sit through class without getting distracted by the lamest things.

Person without ADHD:

"I took an adderall/ritalin/concerta/strattera to study for my test thats today..I could possibly kill myself using this but who cares at least I get a good grade"

Person with ADHD:

"Get a fucking life.... I have to take it everyday so I can be normal"

See add, adderall, ritalin, genious, smart, einstein


A condition that's largely misunderstood by both the general public and the medical community.

It labels a set of observable behavior patterns, primarily involving short attention spans, but there's a great deal of controversy about causes. Some researchers have discovered differences in brain activity in ADHD patients. But they've been unable to say whether they're merely looking at the affect of a behavior difference on the brain or a cause.

What we do know is this-- ADHD has become the "go to" excuse used by both parents and teachers unwilling to impose & teach discipline to their children and students. It is also a multi-million dollar windfall for the Ciba-Geigy pharmaceutical company

Teacher: "Mark has been acting out in class. I can't get him to focus on his work."

Parent: "Not my precious Mark. But he's my little genius!"

Teacher: "Then, it must be ADHD. Just ask your family doctor to prescribe Ritalin. Have in throw in some Xanax for you, too. Parenting a child with ADHD is bound to cause you anxiety."

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One of several supposed disorders a doctor may diagnose one of having. I was diagnosed with ADD, so I'm not BSing here. I was given Ritalin, which caused side effects such as appetite suppression and strange throat pain. After quitting the drug, I felt much better. I regained the weight and did not have any mental problems. Okay, so maybe I was a little hyper as a kid, but I blame it on the sugar.

I must say it is totally wrong and apalling to pass off someone diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as a retard or idiot, they probably are smarter than you ;), and are just a victim of modern "medicine".

Doctor: He has ADHD, I prescribe Ritalin. That'll be $150.

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