What is Adventuring?



When one snoops around the offices and other private areas of a company one works at, this is done if you work the graveyard shift.You look around in areas that you could not if you worked in the day,there would be people working there and they would object.Mostly looking in peoples private offices for privileged info ect, this also includes looking in to private refrigerators to grab some sneaky snacks.

Setting: Graveyard shift at General Manufacturing.

Hey where is that dam Johnny I need him to take over for me while I go to the bathroom.

Oh Johnny is out adventuring in the supervisors office again.

Oh shit.

Johnny comes back, Hey assholes guess what I just found out!


We gonna get laid off on April 1st!

I just saw the memo on Ms. Ironbottoms desk.

Oh fuck I just bought a new Skidoo!

Haw-Haw tough shit for you !

No more job for you!!!

See snooping, scooby snacks, charles manson, homer simpson


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