What is African?


Not the same as being Black American as Africans still have preserved culture, language, food and attire that exhibit African culture.

I am African African because my parents are, you are Black American because your parents, grandparents, great grandparents were born here and you know nothing about the African culture.

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African: The worlds oldest inhabitants. The word "indigenous" means "the original" or "the first". It describe "the original" peoples who live in Africa, the old inhabitants (called "Black", english word, by modern Europeans), (not newcomers, or invaders). Also including the prototypical peoples of the African ancient and modern diaspora (African ancestry or descent). Originally inhabiting areas of tropical rain forestation, also desert dwellings.


1.Of or relating to Africa or its peoples, languages, or cultures.

2.A native or inhabitant of Africa.

3.A person of African descent.

as i was drowning in quick sand i saw 2 african hunters come to my rescue.

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one who is from the continent of africa. dont get it confused with black americans. black americans try to act african by namin their kids straight up ghetto names that they think are african, but they cant even spell them themsleves!

Black Americans and African Americans are very differnt in behavior and culture. A name like "quadicia" is a ghetto attempt at being african


An individual who has ancestry from the continent of Africa. It does not matter how many years since a family has left the continent of Africa. In the same way that a person may have 3 generations of Nigerians in America, he will never lose his ancestry.


Even though many generations of my family have been born in America, I am still African just like Chinese people who have been in America for generations are still considered Chinese.


But you've never been to Africa and don't speak an indigenous African language because they only want to teach Spanish and French in school?


In the same way that some Latinos don't speak Spanish and some Chinese people don't speak Chinese. It's about your ancestry and the need to be feel united with my people, although slavery deprived me of the ability to know exactly what country my ancestors originated from.

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Someone who is from Africa!

My friend Lydia is from Africa, but she is white!

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African - some one from Africa.

African in America is different from an African American/ black American becasue we still retain our culture and language. There is no term for Africans in America, most people use the name of the specific country ie Nigerian -American, Malawian-American, South - African American, rather then the general "African" for those that are first generation or naturalised. This is so that African Americans are not to be confused with African in America.

(ie Italian American is used over European American becasue it is more specific),part of the reason people tend to hyphenate the term 'african' is becasue people still tend to see Africa as one large country with different states, as opposed to several ( 56 different countries with distincet cultures, languages, and laws.)

Are you African or African American?

I am an African and a citizen of an African country.

He may be a white citizen of an African country but is not an African-American because he is white.

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