Aggro Berlin

What is Aggro Berlin?


Independent German Hip Hop label from Berlin. Artists include Sido, B-Tight, Fler, Tony-D and Die Sekte. They had various hits in the German top ten including "Mein Block", "Wheinachtssong", "Arschficksong", "AggroberlinA". They are also well-known for their aggresive and offensive lyrics, which are adored by teenagers for their bad ass content.

Aggro Berlin was on "Insomniac with Dave Atell in Berlin" last Sunday.Did you catch it?


One Kick ass band that kicks ass.

Ich liebe Aggro Berlin!!!!

See Der Neger


Suck ass motherfuckin wanabee German hip - hop record label who only is popular to suck ass whack people who actually think they are actually gangstas. It features some suck ass ugly german rapper who hides his face with a mask skull(Sido). This wigger who calls himself neger, and actually painting his skin darker (B-tight). Some stupid fat ass (Fler).

All of them suck. Mein Block, and Fuffies Im Club (fifty doller bills in the club) is just an attempt to fuckin make people who listen to this shit act like a bunch of stereotypical gangstas.


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