What is Aglicious?



See also Gorgeous

The 'ag' is tall and cute species of female. They tend to be good friends with most of the male species and little to none of the females. This is due to their unique, yet awesome, view of life and choice of friends. ag known to make people smile. She also tenda to be great in sports such as basketball and dressing to impress.

2. Good..Awesome..Yummy.. Excellent in general

3. an expression used to indicate a positive response to something or to communicate satisfaction, inspiration, or admiration for a.g.

4. Very pleasing to the senses, an adjective used to describe anything that is,smells,feels,tastes,or looks really good

Guy 1: Dude, that girl was freaking awesome!

Guy 2: Yeah, um, no shit.

Guy 1: ....?

Guy 2: She's aglicious.

Guy 1: Ohhhhhh.

Guy 2: yea you can tell, look at all the haters.

See aglicious, hated, awesome, pimp


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