What is Ahmania?


The powerful wave of Ahmed support and adoration which began to sweep the nation from the very beginning of 'Big Brother 5' in late May 2004.Similar to previous '-manias' in nature,notably it's ability to unite millions from all areas of society in a single wave of focused euphoria and dedication,it's followers also manifest an aforeseen,all-encompassing desire to see their Housemate suceed and storm-with their support-to victory,yet on an unprecidented scale.Apart from the powerful adoration of Ahmed,being struck by Ahmania often causes several key notable effects,constisting mainly of,but not limited entirely to-i)the desire to destroy crockery and/or other utensils in the most spectacular fashion possible;preferably through launching at any nearby jacuzzi/spa construction,ii)the sudden wave of near constant lethargy causing followers to crave unconventionally length periods of rest,iii)the desire to defend Ahmed against any criticism;with no regard for the critic or nature of comment,though through construction of highly powerful and intellectual counter-argument,and iv)a need to register one's undying admiration,and simultaneously spread the good word of Ahmed through association with the most powerful and expanise Ahmania fuelled organisations.However,'Ahmania' is not easily defined-it induces in those it hits a spectacularly varied spectrum of emotions and effects;all united by the one,powerful,overriding desire for Ahmed('The Great One')to win.

The power of Ahmania is overwhelming


The ficticious characteristic given to an initially reserved big brother housemate to give them confidence and so interact more with the other housemates. 'Ahmanania' was also a bit of fun for it's male creators, however with this new found identity 'Ahmania' took on a life of it's own with some disastorous concequences including plate smashing, manequin beheading and defiance from weekly tasks.

a - amazing, h -hero, m - mega, e - easy, d - delirious

See dw


The state of mind in which certain individuals perform extreme acts of destruction, as seen in Big Brother 5.

Ahmed Smashes Plates

Jason: He's in a state of pure Ahmania!

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