What is Aic?


Alice In Chains

one of the best grunge bands there ever was

"Did you ever get to see AIC in concert?"

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Asian Invasion Clan.

AiC was created by high school friends back in 1996. A handfull of asian kids who went to a highschool where the majority of the student population was white made a JOKE group called The Asian Invasion. These kids loved QWTF and their funny group so much they decided to make a fake clan. It was then noticed that most of the members had very high skill and eventually BK took leadership to enter AiC into leagues and make AiC an official QWTF clan.

One of the TOP tier clans dated back in QWTF days. Very controversial for their tactics known in games and on IRC. They were so good at QWTF they were accused of cheating. Also, many times they were accused of taking over other clan's IRC channels by means of highly sophisticated hacks and/or just simply tricking them. Although AiC had many many many MANY enemies they did have an alliance with clan FOLD.

After the fall of AiC (due to members having a real life outside QWTF), Clan FOLD had adopted some AiC members like 'irie' (the coolest member ever). After the fall of FOLD life sucked. months went by and previous members have tried to start AiC back up but it never did have the same punch it did as the original AiC.

The channel #aic still exists on gamesnet servers and you will still find one the original members (xenocryst) idling there.

Some original members from AiC to remeber are:







Dr. Vic





If you do a google search for AIC QWTF you will find the new generation clan's website with some history on the original clan. The information on that site is a little misconstruded.

Although AiC did not evolve into other games, they have made a huge impact in the QWTF world. Anyone that knows their QWTF will surely have heard of AiC.

AiC is one hella clan!

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assholez in crime!!!!!

1). wow over the past year we have been involved in AIC.

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Alice In Chains...

Sounds like a cat being raped by a goat to me.

WTF is with all of these shitty modern bands like AIC and why do these stupid kids like this shit?

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