What is Aigan?


some group in the early thirties invented a language named "aigan." it sort of died out until recently, when a few pupils at George wWatson's College, Edinburgh, U.K came across it on the internet a few years ago. THey are now fluent in the language and it is hillarious! it's even better when they start speaking in German aigan, or, if you read on, Gaigermaigan aigaaigigaigan...

how to speak it: "simply" place "aig" before EACH vowel in the word.

a different version is where you do the same thing with "ooo" instead of "aig".

haigalaigo craigaig! thaigis aigis aiga traigibaigutaige taigo yaigoaigu aigand staigephaigen!

("hello Craig! This a tribute yo you and stephen!")


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