Aims Test

What is Aims Test?


Acronym: Arizona's Instrument of Measuring Student Stupidity.

Definition: A test that in no way tests the ability of its students' brian-power or smartness.

See also: You're a tool.

I now feel like a tool for taking the aims test.


Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards test. It is a worthless test that a student takes in fifth, eighth, and tenth grade. You must pass the high school version to graduate. If you "excel" in all three sections you earn free tuition to an in state university. To excel, you must be able to interpret documents about duck calling, applying to be a lifegaurd, and other pointless g-rated documents. You must also go to school early for three days while the rest of the school stays home and sleeps.

Person A: What form did you have?

Person B: G, what did you have?

Person A: F, did you have that document about putting whales in space?

Person B: I sure did! The AIMS test is such a great opportunity to prove how I can randomly bubble answers.

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