What is #care?


I don't care; don't bother; piss off. Originated in IRC conversations, as an offhanded direction to leave the current channel and cry to the channel where people care.

<+n00b13> Today, I was emailing my professor about what chapters our test is on this afternoon. She accidentally emailed me informing me of the date she went on last night, including that she "got laid... yay!!" and a picture. I still don't know what chapters I'm being tested on.

<fred> #care, faggot.

See fml, care, empathy, apathy, emo, n00b13


"#care", a term apparently first used by _mocking]bird_ means "don't care" or "I don't bother". No one knows where the slang first originated from. It's adoption is not yet widespread, but more people seem to be picking it up.


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