Air Guitar Hero

What is Air Guitar Hero?


The act of playing an air plastic Guitar Hero guitar instead of playing a normal air guitar. Most commonly accompanies hearing a song that is featured in Guitar Hero on the radio, a CD player, or an mp3 player.

We were driving down the road when Iron Maiden's "Trooper" came on the radio. Immediately, and unconsciously, we all began to play air guitar hero.

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1.someone who shows off like theyre good at guitar hero

2.someone or some people who spontaneously pretebd to pick up and play guitar hero with a plastic guitar

When we played Almosy Easy by Avenged Sevenfold on RockBand2 Eddy who can't play the RB2 instruments started his daily dosage of being an air guitar hero

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When you move your fingers as if you where playing guitar hero with a regular or guitar controller when you arent actually playing, usually while another person has the controller

Look at Billy playing air guitar hero, he is compleatly addicted

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