What is Airtight?


Practice of filling all 3 orifices of a female by either penis, or objects.

A penis in the ass, pussy and mouth at the same time, or a combination of penis and vibrator/dildo.

My wife likes to be made airtight by having my cock in her mouth, a plug in her ass, and a vibrator in her pussy.


Whilst in the act of triple penetration, each cock filled cavity seals every possible air path of entry or escape thus causing an immensely pleasurable (I said pleasurable bitch!) sensation for the female recipient, as her body becomes akin to a vaccuum sealed container. Also see, Tupperwhore.

Samantha was absolutely dying to become airtight; she really was. Elaine's airtightedness was the perfect environment for the long-term storage of my balls. "Plug Jessica's nose Jack! She's trying to cheat by breathing through her nose!!!"

See Ryan


noun/adjective/verb : being SO tightly shut that air ceases to exist inside.

She is like fort knox because she is so airtight its not even funny.

See air, tight, closed, fort knox, vault


no flaws,lacking any weaknesses

My game is aurtight mark-ass square


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