Aj Styles

What is Aj Styles?


The single greatest athlete to ever set foot into a 6 sided wrestling ring. The only man in the history of TNA Wrestling to have held the NWA World title, the NWA tag titles, and the X Division title. He was the first X Division Champion, and has held the belt more than anyone else(currently 5)

He has stated that he will never work for WWE unless they clean up thier product.

He's got him up...and AJ Styles hits him with the Styles Clash

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Phenomenal; The Future of Pro-Wrestling' The Phenomenal One

"There is only one word to describe AJ Styles and it's 'Phenomenal'."


The best wrestler to NEVER have a WWE... besides Sting.

From Gainsvill, GA, weighting in at 218 pounds, a man simply known as "Phenomenal", a two-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, a three-time TNA X-Division Champion & a two-time NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, "The Phenomena;" AJ Styles!


Named after the TNA wrestler. To be simply Phenomenal. Similar to Illmatic

That film was all AJ Styles

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Was in WWF only had about 10 matches on the lower level shows. One Against Jeff Hardy when Hardy was still with Michael Hayes.

AJ . Overly hyped superstar. Yes is great but not as great as he is presetned as. Should Never have beaten likes of Raven at any time.

NOw about to Face Samona Joe in super X Cup

AJ Styles.. Hype but is talented


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