What is Akademiks?


the most pimped out clothing line there is

yo i herd he just got hooked up with some akademiks

See vick


high fashion ghetto clothing brand

Ay girl!I like your akademiks shirt!

See clothing, shirt, pants, shoes


A clothing line that, contrary to belief, DOES NOT MAKE YOU SMARTER!!!!

Aight, just copped my new Akademiks shitz, now Im ready to take my math test!!! Im so smart! WRONG!!!!


lux clothing company yeah fa sho

yo Twankie jus got hooked up with some phat farm and akademiks throwbacks


The latest in wigger/wanna be gangbanger wear.

Akademiks is the shit my nigga dawg!

Shut the fuck up.

See ecko, south pole, phat farm, wigger, morons, Adrian


like ecko/phat farm/south pole, etc. things only dirty niggers and wiggers wear.

Akademiks is tha shit ma nigga dawg homie!

You must fucking die wigger.

See wigger, nigger, moron, retard, idiot, asshole, Adrian


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