What is Alanon-itis?


noun 1. A sickness developed within alanon groups, and it's members. It is manifested in the least intelligent and least logical members of the group. Common everyday assholes become alcoholics and addicts to the member with alanon-itis.


Mary: So then he totally cut in line in front of me.

Julie: Mary, honey. He's an addict. I can tell. Jimmy did that once, and, I'll bet without a doubt, he was buying liquor, and was in a hurry to get home and drink it. That's why he cut you off!!

Sally: O, Ya. You bet he was. I bet the farm he was gettin cigarettes while he was at it.

Marge: What did he look like? My 16 yr old son, Barry,

Group: ya, O,yeah What about him, yea Marge

Marge: Ya, Barry has been smoking and someone is buying them for him. If I could catch the guy I'd go straight to the cops.

Group: O my gosh.oooo Marge. Poor thing


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