Alaskan Thunderfuck

What is Alaskan Thunderfuck?


very good weed grown in the manatuska valley in alaska also known as manatuska thunderfuck

that alaskan thunderfuck fucked me up after like 1 hit


Some of the best weed in the world. VERY rare.

Man I'd pay $70 for an eighth of Alaskan Thunderfuck, that's some of that one hit quit bud.

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insanely high quality marijuana with orange and clusters of white thc strands. also is covered in crystals, is very light green, and smells like heaven. without a doubt some of the planets best shit. just a handful of hits will do you in. it only takes 1 to get blown though

The second I walk into the crib im handed the bowl and ask if its the good shit and his reply is hell yea that alaskan thunderfuck. Itll get you gone bro.

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Sarah Palin's former nickname on the basketball court. Derived from the fact that she hosted wild, out-of-control home orgies at the time.

"Next quarter plant yourself in front of the net, Alaskan Thunderfuck!" - as stated on the b-ball court

"Don't be hoggin' the ball(s), A.T." - as stated at both the orgies and the b-ball games

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A secret word used to identify when a friend is holding and wants to smoke weed.

Dude i heard bill has the alaskan thunderfuck, we should go hit him up

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An intense, fast-paced, unforgiving experience of sexual intercourse. Side effects include, but are not limited to: stomach ache, headache, muscle contractions involuntary convulsions, partial paralaysis, or even death. The reciever of the alaskan thunderfuck may also experience bowel or vaginal disorders for 4-7 days. If said disorders last longer than this time period, a doctor or physician should be consulted.

Kim found herself in rehab after experiencing the Alaskan Thunderfuck.

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