Alcohol Equivalent

What is Alcohol Equivalent?


Christian Reconstructionist circles, but hearable elsewhere:

Three criterias:

1: That which has the potential to relieve downheartedness/ wild fatigue. 2: That which can assume a "sparkling" state, at which point it becomes an addictive, nonmedicinary drug!

3 (most commonly): That which impares similar to alcohol.

The list can include: barbituates, cocaine, morphine, TXC (marijuana), and "salt tranqs.", as some Recons call them (most behavioral meds).

Alcohol Equivalent can also refer to how much you have had, relative to a one-ordinary beer average. Mostly, a way that you can measure when to hault the drinking.

"Almost all unlicensed drug and alcohol dealers produce and sell sparkly alcohol and alcohol equivalents to boost sales by starting addicts."

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