What is Alexander?


The name for a true gentleman

Wow, your boyfriend sure is an alexander!

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longer version of Alex mostly used to piss people with the name alex off

Bob : Hey Alexander whats up ! ( Giggles )

Alex: Fuck Off!!!

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the name of a gentleman

Wow, your boyfriend sure is an alexander!

See alex, alexandre, xander, xan, lex


The most ballin tennis playerthat you will ever see on the face of the earth.

Balla wit the ladies, good looking, and fun to chill with.

You can't touch this kid.

"Man, who are we goin chill with, thats so awesome." Bob

"Idk man, what about Alexander, he's pretty awesome." John

"Idk if he would hang out with us, he's cool." Bob

"Let's try, it could be our lucky day." John

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Name originally from Greece. Alex can be short for Alexander. A blonde male that is a bit annoying who likes to masturbate.

Shut up Alexander.

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A saltine cracker dipped in chocolate.

That guy Williams is an alexander. He's the whitest black guy I know.

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