What is Alicious?


a cross between "amazing" and "delicious".

"That guy has an alicious ass."

"Pass me some of that alicious cake."

See amazing, delicious, tasty, fabulous


The suffix that can be attached to anyone's name, denoting that they are 'delicious'. Origin is from the word 'fergalicious', created by Fergie as a combination of her name and delicious.

Penny + delicious =Penalicious

"She's not just Penny after that make over, she's Penalicious."

See fergalicious, fergie, delicious, hot, name, suffix


Cross between Alicia and delicious.

Great adjective for Alicia and can be used in place of her name. Because it's true.

Alicia is delicious! = Alicious!

See alicia, delicious, alicious, hotstuff


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