What is Aliquippa?


A former steel boomtown located 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. Used to have one of the best school disticts in the nation until the still mills all closed down. Now a huge huge slum, except for the area on the hill. Its main street is basically the place to deal drugs and shit..No real legitate businesses there. They all moved to the heights area.

If one must go to Aliquippa, they must go with caution.

See ryan


(n.) The shittiest town on the face of the earth. It's probably the most unasthetically pleasing area on the east coast. (western PA) My relatives live there and every time my family visits there I feel like I'm jumping into a hell hole.

my dad: we're going to aliquippa.

me, internally: FUCK, SHit, FUCKING nasty-ass aliquippa with it's steel mills and ugly fucking weather and railroads and no sun and dumb old buildings and only fucking ancient people and disgusting roads.

See shithole, damn it, hell, die.


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